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in today’s blog, i’ll walk you through the different types of graph infographics and how to decide which fits your needs. graphs and infographics also broaden the reach of your message or data to a larger audience as they can be easily shared on social media platforms. for example, this template utilizes pie graphs to visualize the distribution of cash expenditures: while pie graphs are easy to understand, they can be challenging to interpret when there are a lot of slices and when displaying complex data. for example, this scatter plot is used to show the relationship between healthcare spending and life expectancy across different countries:  alternatively, combine some of the graph infographics above such as line graphs, bar graphs, scatter plots or bubble graphs to create a multi-series graph.

a different color or symbol is often used to represent a different set of data and to help distinguish it from the others. it can also be turned into a timeline infographic and used for event planning or product development. not only are mind maps great for the classroom, but you can also use them to present skills, experience and achievements in a visually organized way in your resume. to sum it all up, graph infographics are a great tool to present your data clearly and concisely.