lucidchart wireframe template

wireframe software helps designers and product managers visualize the structure and functionality of a web page or an app screen. designing the skeletal framework with lucidchart’s wireframe tool is easy and offers the use of layers, links, or hotspots to visualize the associated functions of your design and each potential display scenario for optimal user experience, without ever actually needing to build them out. ensure that your wireframe will achieve an impactful final design for everyone involved with our built-in collaborative features. create a shared url and send the current version of your mockup to clients and stakeholders. deliver polished presentations of your wireframes to clients or stakeholders using presentation mode or the google slides integration. leverage the power of lucidchart to design and prototype for desktop, tablet, and mobile users no matter what version of android or ios they use on any preferred device. be inspired and learn how to wireframe faster by using the template gallery in lucidchart.

deliver quality mockups fast so you can arrive at your launch date faster with a design to wow your audience. establish a clear idea of what you plan to build and create in your wireframe. or, start with a template for wireframing for mobile and/or desktop experiences. include the components necessary to deliver a positive user experience rather than getting caught up in small details. include all your stakeholders on the wireframe by creating a shareable url or present your proposed design to clients using presentation mode. you can access wireframe shapes by searching “mockups” in the shape manager and choosing the android mockups, ios mockups, and/or ui mockups shape library. it has all of the basics and a lot of images to choose from.

lucidchart wireframe format

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lucidchart wireframe guide

just something simple to show the web developer what you are thinking. create polished wireframes and mockups to accurately articulate your ideas to web developers and ux designers. with lucidchart, you can build both wireframes and mockups for websites and mobile devices. this guide teaches you to create wireframes in lucidchart from templates and from scratch. with simple shapes already blocked in, templates get the basics out of the way—all you have to do is add content. to open lucidchart’s template library, go to your document library and click “+new.” then select “create from template.” once you’ve selected a template, go ahead and skip to step three below.

select the ones that you would like to use and click “save.” begin your wireframe with the most basic shape—the container that will hold all the other elements. depending on the nature of your design, this will probably be a mobile device silhouette or a browser window. once you’ve placed the larger elements, begin adding individual buttons and blocks of text. these three functions allow you to create buttons that actually work, build pop-ups, link to external content, and navigate from one page of a wireframe to another. user journey flows show the progression of a user interacting with an application. mockups and wireframes can be time intensive to build. lucidchart propels teams forward to build the future faster. since its founding, lucid has received numerous awards for its products, business, and workplace culture.

this particular template is created for web design, but you can also use wireframes for apps in mobile devices. our wireframe template helps you create a simple grayscale schematic for your web page. what information do users need and when, and how can you design your site to help them find it at the right time? while you can complete this step in various ways, lucidchart makes it easier.

then, you can use lucidchart’s powerful collaboration tools to get feedback and input from others, edit the wireframe as needed, and share the latest version to keep everyone on the same page. if you have a certain shape in mind, you can find it by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top left corner and searching by name. you’ll want to move shapes around as you design your webpage. if a shape is locked to the canvas, you can unlock it by selecting it, then clicking “lock” on the properties bar at the top of the canvas. if you’d like to see an annotated wireframe example, or if you want more help, click the resources on the right side of the document.

wireframes are used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of a page before visual design and content is added, and can be created using paper, straight into html/css or using software apps. user experience design is a method of increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction by improving usability and enjoyment in the interaction between the customer and the site, app, and product. prototype and wireframe testing also helps you assess various designs in terms of performance and user preference to create the best overall product. ui design involves picking and arranging interface elements that help users interact with system features in a way that maximizes efficiency and ease of use.

1. think about the ultimate goal of the website, and design with that goal in mind. you can try to imagine the end result of a website or app in your head, but it’s much easier when you prepare a wireframe beforehand and get to know what you need to do before even starting. here are some working template examples from lucidchart to help you understand how the wireframing design process can work: wireframes are design placeholders, but a mockup fills in the visual details, like colors, typography, and brand element. lucidchart can be used in minutes by anyone, from an engineer to a novice. we have all the shapes, icons, and intuitive features to get you started mobile, tablet, and desktop wireframes and mockups.

think of it as a skeleton where you decide what elements to include, their position on the page, and how they’ll interact with each other. set up a meeting with the major stakeholders and find out the overall goal of the site and what they want visitors to do when they arrive. using grids provide a guide to help you determine the proper spacing between items and it will give you an idea of how things will look on the page. make a list of the main components that need to be on the page. we have a ton of wireframe templates to help you get started with the process, feel free to modify them to fit the needs of your diagram.

click on the wireframe header in the top center of the screen. under ui input, click and drag the box with an arrow down and drag it to the top right corner of the page. select all the elements in the search box and drag it to the top of the right column. click on the element box under ui containers and drag it to the right of the video box. when you add collaborators by sending a link to the wireframe via email, you can work on it simultaneously and use the chat feature (the yellow quote icon in the top right corner of the screen) to have discussions.