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picture this: you’re a valuable member of a rapidly growing startup, and your boss just appointed you as the senior project manager. you can even add emojis and profile pictures next to names to give everyone a recognizable face. if you don’t want to include every detail, opt for a bare-bones approach and add names, roles, and emails, giving each member an idea of where they stand in the structure. apart from these three features, you can insert “quick links” to enable cross-functionality between charts and teams.

and you can check each person’s job level to establish where they stand in a company’s hierarchy. it’s similar to a website “about” page and describes the organization in a nutshell to in-house employees and potential clients. you can even insert links to linkedin profiles and portfolios, and employees can add a bio, outline their achievements, and set goals for the upcoming year. with our templates, you can access all the necessary tools to accomplish your company’s goals or create your own org chart templates.

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the good news is that you don’t have to be a smartart guru to create an org chart that visually represents your company’s hierarchy. usually, it looks like a pyramid, but this varies depending on the chart type. and you can use the charting process to plan a new business or find hiring opportunities. there are four key types of organizational charts, and you can create as many or as few as you like depending on your needs: a functional top-down chart is the most common. a divisional chart is a high-level version of the classic top-down org chart that represents each department separately, not illustrating shared resources. and if one team is having communication issues, you might create a matrix organizational chart to clarify reporting cadences.

without data, your org chart is just a bunch of empty squares and lines. change happens, so ensure you’ve created a flexible and dynamic chart, updating it often so it accurately represents the company. no matter the software you use, your chart is only as effective as you make it. follow this coding across all org charts, and provide a key on each so employees know how to use these documents. you might send a company-wide email to share a matrix organizational chart or add a divisional chart to employee handbooks. while not a classic org chart visual, this table efficiently organizes your data. then fill out the above template or follow our how-to to create a custom org chart from scratch.