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a pie chart is a circular chart that uses “pie slices” to show relative sizes of data. when there are too many categories, it is difficult for the eye to distinguish between the relative sizes of the different sectors, so the chart becomes difficult to interpret. use the beautiful.ai pie chart template to add color and design to your presentations.

color or shade the different pie slices so that they grade from dark to light tones as you move from the first to the last slice. try moving the design elements on your page into different configurations. our pie chart template allows you to easily add a legend which reduces the amount of text in the pie chart and produces an “at-a-glance” graphic. 60+ smart slide templates guide you and suggest ideas along the way, so you never have to face a blank page.

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visualize your complex data with venngage’s free pie chart maker online — no design skills required. join over 40,000 businesses that use venngage to make a pie chart. you can easily create your own pie chart and share it online or add it to your business documents by using venngage’s pie chart generator. pick a pie chart template and upload your data values from your spreadsheets or directly customize the numbers in our data table with your values and categories. tell powerful data stories and keep your stakeholders engaged — create custom pie charts or doughnut charts easily using venngage’s online pie chart maker. among all chart types, pie charts and donut charts are the perfect types to represent percentages. venngage’s pie chart editor is simple to use. you can upload your data with one click, choose from different pie chart styles and drag and drop different design elements to make your pie charts more visually engaging.

or easily share your pie chart online completely for free. add or remove chart title, data labels, and data points easily. apply brand colors and logos to your pie chart with one click with venngage’s my brand kit. get your team involved to create custom pie charts that are impactful. you can make a pie chart online for free by using venngage’s easy pie chart maker. pick a pie chart template or — if you’re looking to create an infographic, report or presentation that contains pie graphs, look within those categories. you can also add chart titles, data labels and beautiful design flairs to your design easily. the venngage editor automatically saves your work as you go along. you can share your pie graph for free with a public link.

create a pie chart by simply editing and customizing the template of your choosing. visme offers dozens of premade pie chart templates to choose from to jumpstart your design. watch the graph engine transform your pie chart according to your data, and easily build your legend and labels within the settings. the visme pie chart maker will not only let you customize a pie chart with your data, fonts, colors, labels and backgrounds, it also offers various animation effects for added visual impact. a pie chart is a type of data visualization that showcases different pieces of a whole. use the pie chart generator to enter the values of your data. take advantage of visme’s pie chart features to create data visualizations your audience will love.

choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, characters, lines, shapes and more to decorate your pie chart and make it engaging. in this quick video tutorial, we walk you through how you can easily create a beautiful pie chart by starting with a template, inputting your data and customizing your design. create a vision for your pie chart. find the pie chart template that most closely matches the idea that you have in your head. you can have them in an excel sheet for easy import or sync live data to your pie chart with a google spreadsheet. customize the colors of the pie chart to fit your brand style guide or the color style of the design you’re working on. use the settings in the circle graph creator to set up the data in a way that will fit well with the composition of your design.

⚡️ turn your idea into a custom infographic in seconds with our ai-powered infographic maker, piktochart ai ✨ start creating create beautiful pie charts with piktochart—no design skills needed. create your own pie chart online with piktochart and add it to presentations. want to use your company’s fonts (or even icons) in the pie chart or doughnut charts? just drag your logo or a screenshot of your website to extract your brand colors automatically.

with piktochart’s online pie chart maker, you can easily make reports, presentations, infographics (and more) that tells your story with great visuals. start with a pie graph template designed by experts or design a graphic from scratch. when it’s ready, easily share it with one click or download it as an image file or a pdf. you can change illustrations, upload your own images, add raw data, edit the chart title, and customize all design elements quickly with piktochart. make it easy for anyone on your team to repurpose pie charts online.