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you can see how many tasks are running late in the status chart, which lists how many tasks are not started, in progress, late, and completed. you can hover over each colored bar in the chart to see the number of tasks for each status. if you see too many late tasks in the urgent column, you can use the filter tool to show all urgent tasks and see if they are all assigned to the same person or in the same bucket, and use this information to balance the workload.

the bars on the charts view show the number of tasks each person is assigned in the plan, color-coded by progress. in this example, megan has more late tasks (red) than the other plan members. to reassign work, you can select the overloaded person’s bar to filter the task list, and then select a task to change who it’s assigned to.

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if you are a stationery aficionado and like planning your day the old way with pen and paper, you know how difficult it might be to find the medium that can help you stay organized and productive. click “download & print” button below to download pdf now and start using weekly planner and organizing your tasks in a convenient way. prioritize the things you set out to do and put them in your weekly schedule. get a print-ready weekly planner that has everything you need for stress-free and efficient planning.

however, the dated planners make it easy to plan your life in advance and get your schedule structured easily. a well thought-out layout allows to organize your tasks and schedule your appointments easily, so you always get organized and stay on track with what matters most. organize your tasks and assignments for a week with the printable weekly to-do list templates. if you are someone who likes to plan with pen and paper and values unlimited flexibility, make sure to consider free weekly calendars and these weekly planner printables. the convenient printable pdf format allows to store the templates on your desk and print them out when necessary, refill your weekly planner notebook binder or use as standalone prints.

let these customizable gantt chart templates help your business see into the future. this staple of project planning just got easier to outline with templates where all you need to do is bring your parameters and yourself to get started. a gantt chart is the ideal tool to coordinate groups of people and simultaneous goals and keep all aspects of a plan moving when they’re supposed to. with these easy-to-use templates, your gantt chart can be as colorful and as detailed as your organized heart desires. make sure everything’s going smoothly for your grand opening by know exactly what you have to do and when you have to do it. or, add a compelling visual to a presentation by laying out the various elements of your project in a comprehensive yet comprehendible way. dive into timelines and deliverables and let the planning stage of your project be the easy part—a gantt chart is your business’s new best friend.

you can edit and customize the planner using excel or openoffice and then print the monthly planner page using regular letter-size paper. the monthly planner below works well in combination or in place of our daily planner and weekly planner templates. you can print a blank monthly planner page, or you can customize and edit the planner within excel. if you are going to edit the planner within excel, then first duplicate the planner worksheet so that you have different months on separate worksheet tabs within the same workbook. our spreadsheet gives you a great deal of flexibility to customize your own personal monthly planner.

unlike our daily and weekly planners, this planner does not automatically add holidays and birthdays. instead, it lets you duplicate the planner worksheet so that you have a separate month on different tabs. then you can enter holidays, events, and birthdays directly into the monthly planner. keep that in mind if you make formatting changes to the planner. many printable monthly planners that you’ll find on the internet are really just calendars, without any extra features like notes, to-do lists, goals, etc.

in this whirlpool of deadlines,… information technologyah, the ever-evolving world of information technology. we’ve come a long way from mere spreadsheets to… finance & entrepreneurshipnavigating the labyrinthine corridors of the finance & entrepreneurial sector can be akin to walking a… design & medianavigating the labyrinthine landscape of the design & media industry can sometimes feel akin to threading… event planningnavigating the intricate labyrinth of event planning? “we do lots of projects for several clients and the online gantt charts in tom’s planner allow me to share our prog­ress with our clients and their project teams.” “i was able to identify a huge and looming bottle­neck in my schedule. it got to a point where i couldn ‘t keep my up in excel. i lacked a clear overview of what everyone was working on.

and when i had to make changes to the gantt chart – chaos. i was fighting against the software whenever i tried to plan projects my way. and the cost… well you know all about that already. it ‘s so easy to use that you can have a professional-looking online gantt chart up today. want to put related tasks on the same row so your chart doesn ‘t stretch vertically to infinity? want to use a gantt chart to track resources? zoom out to see milestones for the year, then immediately zoom in to see what sally in engineering is working on today.