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english language & usage stack exchange is a question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious english language enthusiasts. (i mean, in this particular sense of the words; it is not relevant that a chart is also a nautical map, a plot is also a scheme, and a graph is also an unrelated mathematical object.) a plot is the result of plotting statistics as a diagram in different ways, where some of the ways are similar to some chart types. a scatterplot is a chart but not (strictly) a graph, but the purpose of a scatterplot is to determine if there is some relation that can be expressed as a function that then naturally can be drawn as a graph. we make plots out of points, and for something to be a plot, both axes must be continuous. for example, you can make a plot of the height vs. weight of a population, but not the height vs. species, because species are discrete; you can’t plot a point halfway between a cow and a chicken. i am australian, an engineer (former) and a mathematics teacher and i consider the following to be best practice when writing and teaching.

the etymology of both chart might support my practice, in that it is derived from words meaning “map”. rectangular areas correlate with the notion of coordinates (sides of a rectangle). furthermore, variations of plot in other languages typically mean marking points on a chart. the most common charts are column, bar, line and pie charts. a graph is a method of relating one qualitative [i think this a mistake, and it’s meant to say ‘quantitative’…] variable to another quantitative variable, usually time. the most common graphs are histograms and frequency polygons. so it seems charts are for when there’s one qualitative variable (such as type, preference, or gender) and one quantitative variable (such as time, age or amount). a chart could arrange the data in columns, rows, pie shapes, etc., and plots.

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a plot diagram is a graphical representation of the plot of the story. the plot of a story is the unfolding sequence of events. the six parts of a story are: exposition in a plot introduces the story’s setting, mood, the main character, supporting characters, and time. the rising action is a sequence of solutions to the conflict that the main character tries; it is all the events leading to the turning point of the story. the climax of the story is the peak of excitement, the moment when the story changes (a turning point), the main character, and the problem is resolved. the falling action is all the plot points wrapping up, the consequences of the climax, and reflection on the changes in the main character. the resolution might tie up loose ends or leave important elements of the story unresolved. we can take the simplest of tales, such as little miss muffet, to practice constructing a plot diagram.

what is the story’s beginning? what is the setting? the climax of the story is how our main character solves her problem. the conclusion of the story is abrupt; miss muffet left. the story plot makes a pyramid shape with an even amount of story on either side of the climax. the rising action may consume much of the story, moving very slowly toward a climax in the story’s middle. this means the plot diagram is no longer symmetrical. a plot diagram provides the bare bones of a story.

whether you’re finessing your first novel or perfecting the narrative of your new client pitch, map out your plot with a story diagram template that shapes your narrative into its most captivating form. together, you’re bound for the bestsellers list. your story’s sure to reach the stacks with our plot diagram template. the best way to learn how to make a plot diagram is to make one!

– climax – this high point on the plot chart diagram is the most significant event in your story, the moment your characters have worked towards consciously or not. by filling in the plot points above on our blank plot diagram template, you can craft a narrative that’s bound to keep readers glued to the page. freytag’s plot diagram is not prescriptive—you can rely on it to shape your story’s flow or use it to compare your piece to the dramatic structure of literature’s greatest works. the highest point in your story plot diagram is the climax. all the tensions you’ve built converge in a memorable, often suspenseful plot point that prepares the story for ultimate resolution.