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download process flow templates for powerpoint and google slides to describe your processes with outstanding designs that will impress your audience. our process flow powerpoint templates selection provides different professional diagrams, enabling the user to select many options and customize the information, look & feel according to his presentation needs. a process flow is a visual representation of how an operation is carried out. as a result, we at slidemodel considered the color, shape, icon, and other powerpoint elements that aid in illustrating the operational procedure of each industry. thanks to it, our ready-made downloadable and fully editable templates help communicate an organization’s process flow to its audience. you can use these process steps templates to demonstrate the process flow in a wide range of industries and sectors: business, science, technology.

without a doubt, our 100% editable process flow templates help disseminate information to the audience. these process flow templates are highly customizable and simple to modify in powerpoint and google slides. as previously stated, these ready-made templates are multifunctional and can be used across industries. a process flow template is a pre-designed visual representation of how an organization’s operations are carried out. the process flow templates communicate to the audience more quickly and effectively at a glance. without a doubt, creating a process flow template necessitates some knowledge.

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process flow powerpoint guide

click when you want to insert the element at the position shown. the size of the pentagon is automatically adapted as you type. alternatively, you can also hold down the ctrl and alt keys and press one of the arrow keys to duplicate in that direction. when you are done, click into each pentagon or chevron to insert or edit the text. multi-select the row of pentagons and chevrons with your mouse, and click the  duplicate button below the selection. just select the text box or multi-select the row or column you want to delete, and hit the del key.

think-cell’s elements, or an aligned group of elements, are automatically placed and sized on the slide (unless their edges are fixed to a position as indicated by red lines with closed locks). they can be used to constrain the size and position of the process flow or any other element for that matter. now that you have positioned and resized it, you can add the finishing touches to your process flow by styling it. let’s say you want to give each pentagon and chevron a different color to represent the different phases of the project. just select the textboxes you would like to fill and left-click into any of them to open the floating toolbar. finally, to show the column and row titles in bold, multi-select the respective column or row, left-click into the selection, open the font dropdown menu and select the bold version of your preferred font size (see font).