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this is a problem — product development can be incredibly complex and requires understanding and alignment from the team. this guide will explore common types of product diagrams and flowcharts so you can get inspired to create your own. below is a list of seven product diagrams and flowcharts you can use to sketch your thoughts on a variety of processes. this helps to showcase how various features interact — so you can get a high-level view of your product structure. this helps product teams understand how and when customer data is collected and what happens to it. product teams can use a fishbone diagram to help investigate the root cause of a specific problem — such as low product usage or declining performance.

notebooks will help you collaborate on this exercise and communicate potential solutions to stakeholders. product teams will use this type of diagram to document a wide variety of processes — both external and internal. a flowchart portraying how teams contribute to each stage of product development. notebooks template below uses a workflow diagram to demonstrate the process of defining a new feature. product teams frequently create user flow diagrams to map out the intended flow for users to follow. here are a few examples: if your product team meets in person, you might prefer to workshop a product diagram or flowchart on a physical whiteboard.

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the design process flowchart template is an excellent tool to navigate the complexities of a design project. the if-then flowchart template is a useful tool for decision-making. the algorithm flowchart template is a useful tool for simplifying the process of creating and understanding complex algorithms. the yes-no flowchart template is a simple and efficient tool that helps to simplify complex decision-making processes into clear and easy-to-follow steps.

one of the key benefits of using this template is that it helps to clarify complex production pathways. sometimes the best way is to see it, and that’s when you create a flowchart. an entity relationship diagram (erd) is a structural diagram that will help you visualize and understand the many complex connections between different roles. designed by teresa torres, a product discovery coach, this mind map breaks down your desired outcome into opportunities for the product to meet user needs, then gives your team an effective way to brainstorm potential solutions.

anywhere you need to simplify and communicate a process, a flow chart template is the best way to do it. a flow chart can be an easy way to communicate company policies and processes within the organization. see the example below for how to share in venngage: pro tip: brand your flow chart template with one click using our my brand kit. pro tip: once in the venngage editor, click any icon in your free flow chart template and then click “replace” to change it. a flow chart template can be used to help plan campaigns and marketing strategies.

this free flow chart template doubles as an event invitation you can post on social media or print and make into a flyer: for example, take the free flow chart template below that you can use to determine if a growth experiment is worth running. when developing any new project timeline, it can be handy to create a project flow chart to map the stages and reliances. a flow chart like this can be used to onboard new employees, to understand the processes involved in a successful business interaction, or to visualize the steps within an automated ordering system or any other type of automated process. follow the steps above to edit and customize the free flow chart template of your choice. auto-resize shapes and elements or swap icons with the click of a button.