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and it explains why project managers rely on an assortment of project management tools to keep a close eye on the project schedule. timeline charts show project teams and stakeholders at a glance which milestones have been completed or yet to be achieved, and the due dates associated with upcoming milestones. image source: author a project’s timeline is typically mapped out during the project planning phase. to create a new project, find and click the + button on the menu on the left of your screen.

whether you opted to use a pre-made gantt chart template or not, you can add project tasks by clicking the + task button. most project management software tools will include gantt charts that you can use right out of the box to create your project’s timeline. your team knows how the project is progressing at a glance. click and drag a task on your gantt chart to make changes to your timeline, and smartsheet automatically adjusts the affected dates. it’s a project management basic that timeline charts can help them achieve.

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unfortunately, the stock project timeline templates in many common office tools can be limiting creatively and when it comes to team engagement. this simple timeline template runs through a total of nine weeks, but you can easily modify it to apply to the timeframes more common in your projects. it’s a method called micro-productivity, and if your team is facing a huge task, use a project timeline like this to help them keep their eyes on the ball. a paid venngage user has the option to download your project timeline design in png or png hd, which can be added to your powerpoint slides as an image. simply log in to venngage, create a project timeline and save it as an image which can then be uploaded to your word document.

use a project timeline template like the one above early in the planning phases of a project. not every person involved with the project needs to see every little milestone along the way, but for the project manager, visualizing steps in a method like the above timeline is helpful. the sheer volume of moving parts in a construction project is staggering. if your project requires detailed planning, down to the date and time by which something must happen, consider using a timeline calendar template. coupled with our drag-and-drop editor, creating a project timeline using venngage is a breeze, even if you have no design experience.

a project timeline chart is a visualization of the chronological order of events in a project. it’s a series of tasks (assigned to individuals or teams) that need to be completed within a set time frame. a smartart graphic is perfect for a high-level project timeline that displays all the important milestones. when you add dates, make sure your cells are formatted to reflect the correct date format. and let’s not forget that the purpose of a project timeline is to manage time on a project.

unless your idea of a team meeting is looking into your spreadsheet’s soul with a magnifying glass, excel won’t cut it for to-do lists. in the age of customized app notifications and uber-smart reminders, excel project management depends on manual follow-ups. ???? microsoft excel (and other ms tools like powerpoint) believe in single ownership of documents with limited support for collaboration. it’s an award-winning project management tool that ensures end-to-end project management without the need to toggle between windows. easily view the relationships between tasks in an easy-to-read timeline, so you can quickly adjust resources when needed. project time management is an endless struggle.

a project timeline can be created in excel using charts linked to data tables, so that the chart updates when you edit the data table. the second template uses a scatter chart with data labels and leader lines to create a more traditional type of timeline. you can insert and delete tasks by just inserting or deleting rows in the spreadsheet’s data table. ), with different colors representing different phases of the cycle. you can edit the milestone labels and dates via the data table. adding more is possible but would require you to create the new data series yourself (you can’t just insert rows for more milestones like you can with the tasks).

some general steps to follow to attempt adding more colors: dates not changing in the chart? to edit the range of dates shown in the chart, you need to edit the minimum and maximum bounds of the horizontal axis. this project timeline uses two different scatter chart series to display milestones above the timeline and tasks with durations below the timeline. the length of the leaderlines for the tasks can be defined by the user to show task dependencies. this new project timeline works only in the more recent versions of excel (2013 or later) because of the new feature in excel that allows you to specify a range of cells for data labels. to learn how to create a timeline using a scatter chart, see the video demos for the bubble chart timeline and vertical timeline templates. the diamond and flag that i use in my project timelines were created from screenshots of common unicode characters.

a project timeline allows you to bulk schedule tasks so that you can see what needs to be done and when, and keep an eye on the overall timeline of a project. you need your entire team on board for a project to be successful. a project timeline makes it easy to actively change elements of a project and switch up tasks without leaving anyone in the dark. a successful project timeline keeps your team on track and working as efficiently as possible. start by writing a project scope statement that includes all the deliverables you need to create and a potential list of resources you’ll need to complete it.

start by noting down all the resources you might need for a project and matching those up with your team’s talents and skills. some can be worked on in parallel, while others need to follow a sequence for best results. however, you should also be able to get a high-level overview of broader information like project/account profitability and project health. it’s hard for a team to thrive and make the best choices with a timeline that’s no longer accurate. with support for gantt charts and detailed project planning,’s powerful project management software gives you insight and visibility into all of your projects, making sure you never miss a billable minute while staying on track all along the way.