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let’s say that you’re the owner of a software development company and one of your clients wants to know how things are progressing. timeline charts aim to describe the chronological order of past and future events on a time scale. for example, by understanding the scope of your project, you can better manage your capital and resources. on the other hand, timeline charts aim to give a more general overview of the project scope and workload, as well as the most important milestones. schedule a meeting with your team and create a list of all the activities, tasks, events, and milestones involved in the lifecycle of your project.

focus on coming up with all the activities and important events related to every stage of your project, from initiation to closeout. think of the chronological sequence your activities should follow and assign each task a specific start date and deadline. besides, you can add a symbol to represent milestones and give more clarity on how your project should progress. instead of creating your timeline chart in excel or google sheets, dive into the 21st century and give project management software a whirl — it’ll make your life so much easier. once you install the column, simply add a start and end date to each item in your board. timeline charts help you oversee your entire project and visualize progress at a glance.

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and it explains why project managers rely on an assortment of project management tools to keep a close eye on the project schedule. timeline charts show project teams and stakeholders at a glance which milestones have been completed or yet to be achieved, and the due dates associated with upcoming milestones. image source: author a project’s timeline is typically mapped out during the project planning phase. to create a new project, find and click the + button on the menu on the left of your screen.

whether you opted to use a pre-made gantt chart template or not, you can add project tasks by clicking the + task button. most project management software tools will include gantt charts that you can use right out of the box to create your project’s timeline. your team knows how the project is progressing at a glance. click and drag a task on your gantt chart to make changes to your timeline, and smartsheet automatically adjusts the affected dates. it’s a project management basic that timeline charts can help them achieve.