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a quad chart is used in strategic planning as it offers a structured and visual format to analyse critical aspects of a situation. information in a digital quad chart is organised into four distinct quadrants, each dedicated to a specific category similar to the quadrants in a swot analysis framework, which consists of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. a digital quad chart is ideal for any organisation aiming to enhance communication, streamline data presentation, and facilitate strategic decision-making. quad charts should be updated regularly to ensure the information remains accurate and relevant.

regular updates also ensure that quad charts continue to serve as reliable tools for communication and planning within the organisation. quad charts and swot analysis serve as strategic tools but differ in format and application. utilising quad charts for organisational performance evaluation offers a streamlined approach to assessing key metrics and achievements. this integration improves quad chart analysis and empowers organisations with ai-driven strategic planning and insights.

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whilst putting together a proposal involving resilient pnt for a civilian project, i was asked to create a style of chart that i’d never heard – a quadrant chart. as you will have deduced from the name, it is a chart with four sections. a quad chart is a form of technical documentation used to briefly describe an invention or other innovation through writing, illustration and/or photographs. though shorter, quad charts often serve in a similar capacity to white papers and the two documents are often requested alongside one another.

for those interested in making their own quad chart, i’ve created and attached a powerpoint. first thing to note, is that the order of the four quadrants is not fixed. so long as you include the relevant information within each quadrant, you can easily move the quadrants around to satisfy your needs. in preparation for a workshop, consider to customise your quad chart with specifics that you might be discussed at the event. i hope this post helps you consider another style of marketing communication, which i feel is only going to become more popular.

a quad chart presents a brief visual overview of your sbir proposal across four quadrants of a single slide (see example). quad charts are used by dod for a variety of planning and communication purposes. some dod components, like darpa, require a quad chart as part of their sbir submissions. read the broad agency announcement (baa) to determine if the agency has that requirement. some agencies, including nasa and dhs require a specific quad chart template and this will be annotated in the baa. when requesting a meeting with an agency representative, sending a quad chart along with the meeting request is useful. this allows the agency to prepare for the meeting and to have lasting information about you and your innovation after the meeting. regardless of their use, all quad charts should answer some basic questions: