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the raci chart is used in project management to assign roles and responsibilities in the project. the term is used in regard to a raci chart, which uses these four components to assign and track tasks involved in a project plan. they are usually subject matter experts and have experience that is valuable to the task at hand. raci charts are particularly useful for complex projects, which is why they are so popular in project management.

typically, in the world of project management, the project manager creates the raci chart at the beginning of a project to define the roles and responsibilities. in project management, a raci chart should be used throughout the project. creating a raci chart in excel is quite easy and can be done using the built-in tools and functions in the program. lucidchart allows a project team to collaborate in real time and share raci charts with the project team. some common alternatives include: the format of a raci chart sets up clear expectations for team members and stakeholders.

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use this simple raci matrix template to assign project roles and easily track the progress of tasks. use the template to easily coordinate roles and responsibilities for each task required for project completion. use this presentation-friendly template for a visually rich overview of your project’s roles and responsibilities.

use this itil raci template with gantt chart to proactively track and manage all of your it services. this straightforward agile raci roles and responsibilities matrix template offers an easy way for agile teams to assign raci roles for a sprint’s features, deliverables, and individual tasks. use a raci template to provide project-task role clarification for project board members, team members, and other stakeholders. report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed.