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the chart is designed to ensure clear communication and smooth workflows across all parts of a team. their job is to make sure the responsible person or team knows the expectations of the project and completes work on time. informed folks need to be looped into the progress of a project but not consulted or overwhelmed with the details of every task.

a formal raci chart comes in handy for complex and long-lasting projects that include lots of stakeholders, tasks and milestones, especially if work is overlapping. with that in mind, teams should be cognizant of the initial time investment of creating a raci chart and the rigidity of the roles. this is someone who participates in doing the work of a task by supporting the responsible parties. with over a decade of editorial experience, rob watts breaks down complex topics for small businesses that want to grow and succeed.

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raci chart guide

you might have an air-tight project plan and a stellar team to back it up. this simple chart gives you an at-a-glance view of raci meanings and how many people to assign to each role in your raci matrix. the same person can be both responsible and accountable for a task in raci—including a project manager. you’ll want to map out a raci chart for your project during the planning stage.

once your raci chart is good to go, you can create a communication plan that aligns with the roles you’ve outlined for project teams and stakeholders. here’s how you might map raci roles to major tasks in a software development project, broken down by key tasks and raci roles. just be sure you have a clear plan in place to guide your team and project. you can do this by reviewing raci assignments for upcoming tasks in weekly status update meetings and making sure everyone involved in a project has easy access to the raci chart. teamgantt makes it easy to build a project plan your whole team can contribute to and collaborate on.

with a raci chart, you can define all the roles and related responsibilities pertaining to a project. you can also tag coworkers with comments and update the project status. if you’re looking for a head start, try the wrike raci template to set up your matrix in record time. one way to plot out your raci chart is with microsoft excel since it will provide you with all the rows and columns you could ever need.

make a point to set up a cadence for checking in with the raci chart. if you want to take your company-wide project planning and execution to the next level, it’s worth seeking out support in the form of a powerful project management solution. the wrike raci model template allows you to clearly outline all roles and responsibilities so that you can meet your project and timeline expectations every time. one of the disadvantages of the raci matrix is that project progress can halt after every small milestone reached — for example, to check in with accountable parties — which might prove counterproductive. with the aforementioned raci chart template and the above powerful work management features, wrike has everything you need to simplify the process of creating your own matrix.

learn how to create a raci chart for your project and reduce confusion and increase accountability. use your raci throughout the project to keep track of which team members are responsible, accountable, consulting, and informed on tasks and deliverables. this role is accountable for the completion of the task or deliverable. you can refer back to the raci throughout the life cycle of a project, which will help avoid involving every single person in every single decision. here are a few things to watch out for and ways to mitigate them: often the default can be to think the project manager (or product owner) is the person or role responsible for everything.

the terms responsible and accountable are quite close in definition which can lead to confusion. this highlights the first thing to decide when creating a raci: do you list roles or specific people? in our lotr raci example, frodo is responsible for getting the ring to mordor. become a member and get access to the raci chart template, as well as 100+ other templates, samples, and examples for project documentation. accountable is often the project manager or product owner, and inform—well isn’t this a wider range of stakeholders in the project that you haven’t defined? using project management software ensures you have a place to create, store, and refer back to your raci chart throughout the project.

your team may have mentioned a raci matrix in passing—the term may not be entirely alien to you. the raci matrix is a tool that clarifies who does what in a project. each letter in raci is a pillar for project success, he explains. and let’s not overlook the informed—they’re like the audience in a play, crucial for the ecosystem but not active participants.

in a nutshell, choose daci for quick decision-making and raci for a more complex project that requires clear roles and open communication. kanban: in kanban, using a raci chart can clarify who oversees the kanban board and specifies roles for moving tasks from ‘to do’ to ‘done.’ curious about the tangible benefits a raci chart can bring to your project management? keep in mind that a raci chart is not just a static document but a dynamic tool that can evolve with your project.