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the best way to document and implement your recruitment process is with a recruitment process flowchart. but the recruitment process steps below will give you some ideas on how to find and evaluate job candidates. it should accurately reflect what you need from this employee—required skills and responsibilities of the position—but it should also show candidates what they can expect to receive in return. internal recruitment is much more efficient and cost-effective, plus it encourages employees to excel in their current positions with the hope of promotion.

before you put valuable time into interviews, narrow down your list of candidates with these steps: remember, however, that the recruitment process isn’t a perfect formula. as a final check in the recruitment and selection process, you will want to contact the candidate’s references. be sure to update your recruitment process and flowchart to match the needs of your company as the organization grows. learn about the steps involved and how lucidchart can provide organization and clarity to your process.

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recruitment flow chart guide

and one of the best ways to do that is to map it out. flowcharts are great for showing who is responsible for what, and how they fit into the overall goal of the process. by including the hiring manager’s role, you can clearly show them what they’ll need to do – and give them a much better idea of what you’ll be doing. every interaction they have with you helps to form their overall impression of your company and the role.

taken all together, these touchpoints form the candidate experience and can have a big impact on whether or not the person will want to work at your company. tasks are then placed in the lane of the person or team that owns it. as one of our objectives is to see our candidate touchpoints, we’ve also added a lane for the candidate. the first one below covers the first 6 steps in the recruitment process. as the offer (step 7) has a lot of different scenarios it’s split out into its own process diagram.