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with a timeline generator like lucidchart, you can create simple and compelling visuals that give context to project timelines and events in the past and future. with lucidchart, you’ll find it simple and easy to stack your timelines to represent cross-functional tasks and events in projects, making it the best timeline creator online for collaborating with all stakeholders in real time. our timeline maker can even designate certain elements of your timeline to allow or disallow further editing by shared users. as a timeline generator with innovation in mind, you can seamlessly format start and finish dates while lucidchart auto-populates the time spans in between. timelines generated in lucidchart can be used as teaching materials or student-made graphic displays to help all learners familiarize the chronological ordering of historical events, while simultaneously helping to grasp long-term change and cause and effect.

start with the earliest date in your timeline and end with the last date to reflect a project deadline or turn of events. export your timeline to a variety of file formats, embed it in a wiki, or generate a url to share via email or in popular apps such as slack, jira, or confluence. the timeline includes time slots for planning, production, revision, and delivery stages of the product. the screen shows an invitation to ‘start from a template in our library’, and then shows examples from the 500+ templates available in lucidchart, including: recruiting timeline templates, a daily schedule planner, a coordination plan with a built-in timeline, and a product delivery timeline template. “lucidchart’s timeline maker feature allows a user to build a timeline for project management purposes with no coding and easy to use—just click and drop.”

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the power of a timeline is that it’s a visual representation, which makes it easy to understand critical milestones in a project and the progress of a project schedule. click on your chart to bring up a set of controls which will be presented to the upper right of your timeline’s chart. to make a timeline in excel, we will need to format the scatter chart by adding connectors from your milestone points. click ok. from your timeline, right-click on any of the milestone points (caps) and select format data series to bring up the series options menu. if you’re not happy with the limitations of the standard timeline templates in excel, have a look at the library of professional timeline templates created with our powerpoint add-in called office timeline, an automated timeline maker that you can use to make timelines with your excel data and that offers a free trial of its premium edition.

depending on the template that you choose, your timeline could look like this: after light customization, your timeline is ready to be used in powerpoint presentations or, as an image, with any ms office tools. you can find the project timeline template in excel by going to file > new and searching for “project timeline”: an equally simple, yet more effective way is to use your excel data to automatically generate a project milestone timeline directly in powerpoint, with the help of our powerpoint add-in, office timeline. with office timeline, the powerpoint add-in timeline creator: select a template you like, then type your data in the data entry wizard. from the gallery, double-click the style or template you wish to use for your timeline to open its preview window and then select use template. swimlane diagram example that provides a crisp, well-structured illustration of the tasks and milestones of your marketing campaign, according to the phase of the campaign to which they belong. microsoft® powerpoint®, excel®, project®, office 365® and windows® are registered trademarks of microsoft corporation.

instead of adjusting filters to show dates, you can use a pivottable timeline—a dynamic filter option that lets you easily filter by date/time, and zoom in on the period you want with a slider control. much like a slicer for filtering data, you can insert a timeline one time, and then keep it with your pivottable to change the range of time whenever you like. in the timespan control, click a period tile and drag to include additional tiles to select the date range you want.

provided your pivottables are using the same data source, you can use a single timeline to filter multiple pivottables. when a timeline covers your pivottable data, you can move it to a better location and change its size. to change the style of the timeline, click it to display the timeline tools, and then pick the style you want on the options tab.

with a timeline software, you can create organized timelines that align your team on project progress, easily outline historical events and movements, or help educate visual learners with easy-to-use visual aids. you can select from a number of different timeline options and formats when deciding how best to visualize your information. gantt chart timeline: the gantt chart timeline is a horizontal bar chart used to visually track the progress of a project over time. static timeline: both chronological timelines and vertical bar chart timelines are examples of static timelines. all of the data is presented all at once on a static plane, and the information does not change or move.

the visual nature of timelines also makes them useful study tools that can aid in memorization and learning. timelines for project management: visuals can play a crucial role in keeping your team aligned on project goals and progress. take a look at the following timeline template examples to see how you can customize and implement a timeline for yourself. timeline template of a daily schedule: this daily schedule timeline template is ideal for visualizing all of the events in a daily schedule, spaced out by hour. lucidchart’s intuitive workspace and user-friendly features make it ideal for creating a timeline that is completely tailored to your needs.

this timeline was created for a nonprofit, but of course you can use it to visualize any timelines you have for your projects. you can also add it to a white paper. to make things easier for your team, and yourself, a nonprofit timeline template helps to organize your processes. using a horizontal timeline template allows you to be much more organized and summarize your successes: this horizontal timeline format is perfect for social channels. give your attendees a timeline of what the day will look like. then, save it as a template to use again and again. it will make the timeline easier for customers to read and understand.

create a visual timeline that shows photos of a thing, to highlight how it has changed over the years. alternatively, you can organize your timeline by steps and the number of days you need to complete them, like in this construction project timeline template: pro tip: design newbie consultants and freelancers can use our “my brand kit” tool to import brand colors and logos from a website. you don’t need to limit your timeline to a new hire’s first day at the company either! pro tip: use a timeline template to show the history of your business. instead, use a timeline template, like the ones venngage offers, to design timelines. you can choose a template that suits your needs and edit it according to your content. midori spreads visual communication tricks and tips as an information designer at venngage.