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this guide will help you make an org chart in word and also explain how to create an org chart in lucidchart to save both time and energy. in the hierarchy group on the left, select the org chart template that you would like to use. each shape represents a person in the structure, so we recommend organizing your data to ensure that everyone is accounted for before you make your org chart. to promote someone in an org chart in word, simply press the tab key after clicking on their name in the text dialog box. let’s say in our example that jim gets a promotion and angela now reports to jim. to make the org chart reflect this change, click into angela’s name in the text dialog box and press the tab key. to add shapes click on the smartart tools design tab > add shape. to complete your org chart in word, play around with the colors, fonts, and sizes of the shapes via the smartart tools design and format tabs.

adding your org chart to your word documents will be incredibly simple using the ms word add-in. you will need to enable the org chart shape library within lucidchart, so click on the “+ shapes” button on the left side of the workspace and make sure that “org charts” is checked. when you double-click the shape, lucidchart will open the context panel for org charts to the right. to streamline your work, lucidchart offers a feature to all paid accounts that will allow you to import your organizational data. all you have to do is provide the data and lucidchart will do the diagramming for you! whether you built your org chart manually or imported the data, editing your org chart in lucidchart is easy and intuitive. here are the steps: access lucidchart within your add-ins tab, and insert the org chart that you have already created or create a new diagram. try out lucidchart today to create and share organizational charts in word.

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if you haven’t created org charts in the past, you may find the process to be a little daunting. an organizational chart (also known as organization chart, org chart) is a diagram that visualize the structure of a company/organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its roles. org charts can help viewers understand the size of the organization as well as the relationships between departments, teams and roles. the most common type of org chart is hierarchical org chart. the top of the chart is represented by the most senior individual and leader, and each successive block down encompasses the next most senior individual and leader (or leaders). matrix org charts, on the other hand, are designed for use in organizations and projects where there are more than just one individual manager/idea at each individual level. a flat organizational chart always consists of two or three individual levels.

traditionally, org charts are used to outline the organization structure and “chain of command” in businesses and organizations. org charts can also be used during restructuring to help clear up any confusion or misconceptions. lastly, workforce planning and resource planning can take advantage of org charts, too. firstly, make sure that you define the initial purpose and overall goals of the org chart that you are looking to establish. the next piece of the puzzle is to figure out how you’re going to physically create your org chart moving forward. these kinds of organizational chart maker can create org charts very quickly and effectively. thankfully though, org charts built using org chart software are easy to update, redefine, realign, and overhaul completely as your organization changes.