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simply stated, it is a way of tracking the important events in a story. the exposition of the literary plot diagram is the introduction to a story. a climax chart can be used to graphically illustrate the pinnacle of tension and conflict in the story, serving as a visual aid for readers to pinpoint the narrative’s most crucial turning point. when students engage in creative writing a common challenge is in organizing their ideas and honing in on the important elements that they need to convey. teachers can quickly and easily use the storyboard creator in a variety of ways to introduce story plotting to their students.

copy the storyboard below to easily give students a blank template to map the narrative arc of a story for any book! in this way, the student may use the illustrations as a guide but the challenge is to complete the writing in the descriptions for each plot element. these worksheets can be customized and printed out for students to fill out by hand, or they can be completed in the storyboard creator like a digital worksheet. students do not have to guess how to meet the expectations of an assignment because it is clearly iterated and can be referenced as they work. use graphic organizers such as a story map or plot diagram to visually represent the different parts of a story. students can use a storyboard template that has titles and descriptions for each of the 6 parts of the story.

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it’s like a map you can follow on your expedition through the lands of creativity. you can consider the plot diagram to be a graph with time as the x-axis and action as the y-axis. you can also use this time to develop the characters, set up and resolve subplots, examine the themes of your story, and foreshadow future events. your characters will need to find their way to a new status quo, ideally in a way that provides the reader with a sense of closure. furthermore, assuming it matters to you that your story is published or widely read, you need to be aware of the general plot structures people are looking for.

unfortunately, this is the one part a plot diagram can’t help you with. take each part of the story you already know from your original idea, and plot it along the arc. the most important thing in a plot is consistency. the most basic structure for a plot is a beginning, a middle, and an end. the hero’s journey is usually depicted as a circular path that takes the protagonist from the known world through an unknown world and back to the known. miro’s whiteboards are an easy way to draw a clear, helpful plot diagram and share it with others.

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plot diagrams allow students to form a course of the narrative and trace the major characters in a story while honing their analytical skills. it is a great way to understand the elements of a short story or novel. whether it is to invite the reader to ask questions or to illuminate character growth, the elements of the plot will each have a specific purpose. e.m forester makes the distinction between a story and a plot in his book, aspects of a novel. ‘the king died, and then the queen died of grief,’ is a plot. in this portion of the plot, the author will establish the characters, including the protagonist.

this is where the author raises the stakes and begins building up to the story’s climax. here is the point where tension is the highest in the story with all of the main conflict coming down to the protagonist’s crucial choice. many of the remaining questions and moments in the plot will be solved and connected during the falling action. we’ll leave you with a quick and easy-to-understand utilization of the plot diagram for the short story, the tortoise and the hare. the tortoise disagrees with the hare and challenges him to a race. you might find that many elements of the plot no longer come as a surprise to you. looking for an all-in-one writing program for students who want to build an effective writing skillset – early on.