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use this t-chart to examine two facets of an object, situation, or event and to make comparisons related to a variety of subjects and content areas. students in grades 3–8 should be able to make comparisons in a variety of contexts. the t-chart is a handy graphic organizer students can use to compare and contrast ideas in a visual representation. t-charts can be used in any content area or genre, such as with books or book characters, scientific phenomena, or social studies events. students will enjoy the easy format in which they can list similarities and differences between two different kinds of events or ideas. this recurring lesson encourages students to comprehend their reading through inquiry and collaboration. they choose important quotations from the text and work in groups to formulate “quiz” questions that their peers will answer.

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all of the information of your chart is in the columns. use templates digitally or print them out for students to fill out by hand, or even give them a choice! the t-chart is a perfect way to show the beliefs or circumstances of two or more people or groups. in addition to using the t-chart for all of the above reasons, integrate this storyboard graphic organizer into pecs boards, first then boards, and more. as a result, the students all know what is expected of that behavior.

start by explaining to students the purpose of t-charts as a graphic organizer. provide a partially completed t-chart or have students work together to fill in a t-chart related to the current lesson. conclude the introduction to t-charts by reflecting on the process and discussing the benefits of using t-charts as a learning tool. a t-chart graphic organizer usually consists of two columns and is used to compare and contrast two topics or ideas. by using t-chart worksheets in a flexible and responsive way, teachers can support the diverse needs of all learners in their classroom.