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it’s frustrating to me because i feel like i’m making the same requests over and over without getting results. rather than me having to remind my kids of all of the tasks they are responsible for, the chart does the “telling” for me. it will look a little different for each kid, but we try to have them contribute their ideas for the chart so they feel more personally invested in it and are more likely to be excited about it! here are some ideas of habits to include: some of these items are small, trivial type things, but i have still included them on the boys’ chore chart for a few reasons. once we have decided what chores and activities to include on the chart, i like to run it through my laminator so the boys can check off the goals they accomplish with a dry erase marker. i hope these chore charts will be as helpful for you as they have been for us!

the “most” important chores will vary by household and life stage, but if i had to choose 5 chores to stay on top of consistently to help a home run more smoothly, they would be: one of the first jobs i gave my older son connor was to take the toilet paper out of the package and put it in the bathroom cabinet. my kids are 6,5, and 3, i think this rewards chart might do the trick. right now i use a popsicle method which works great but when i’m ready to move onto just having pencil and paper, this will be a great form! a lot of the tools you have on your site are very useful and i appreciate all your hard work putting everything all together. hi abby, while i don’t have kids yet i did utilise these printables for myself and my partner for cleaning the house. if i can do it, you can too!

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and we just so happen to have free printable chore charts in two cute color schemes just for you! it’s good for them to help out with certain tasks around the house! so it can be helpful to have them involved in the process of coming up with their chore list. having the chart in a place that they pass frequently acted as a silent reminder for them to complete their tasks– and we didn’t even have to nag! it can be hard to know which chores are appropriate for kids of different ages!

though the chores may not be done perfectly, it is a great way for them to start to learn responsibility. it’s fun to see our kids be able to take on more responsibility as they get older! we hope that these chore lists help get your family’s wheels turning when it comes to assigning appropriate chores for each child! we hope these chore charts will be helpful motivators for both kids and adults alike, allowing us to accomplish more in our days (without the nagging)! place your chore chart in an area you walk by frequently as a reminder to complete your tasks. whatever needs to be done to bring some relief to the stress of your days, consider adding that item to your list first.

they’re appropriate for kids all the way through adulthood, thanks to our various reusable sticker sheets. after all, the last thing you want to do is spend a bunch of time diying something, paying to have it laminated, and then discovering you forgot something. every aspect of our well-thought-out visual system is thoughtfully designed to get kids on board. every aspect of these charts — from the neutral color of the chart itself to our exclusive method of using reusable stickers — is intentional. we don’t have the buying power of target, which means our products are more expensive for us to purchase.

if we want a tool like this to work, we want our kids to feel a sense of pride and ownership and like they had a part in building it. and with that sense of pride, comes a willingness to use it. so as much as i wish i could tell you that the kids can share it, it’s going to be much more effective if they have their own. the goal is to display the child’s life for them to understand — not to create a command center for the whole family. but when they know the plans and feel like they’ve had a say in some of it, they don’t need to struggle for power every day. if planning with kids, have your child rearrange the week’s magnets, adding stickers to magnets for new activities and placing them on the correct day.