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the administrator has the ability to view the availability and the number of open requests assigned to  all technicians in all site. the unavailability of a technician can be marked using the technician availability chart. this is essential so that requests that are assigned to that particular technician on that day can be re-assigned to another technician. click the name of the technician who will be on leave in the technician availability chart. assign to following technician – this option allows you to configure a backup technician throughout the absence of a particular technician. in this case, no action is taken on the requests that is assigned to the technician.

if notification rules are configured, once the backup technician is configured, notification e-mails will be sent to selected technicians or the group in which the unavailable technician is present. click on the number of requests and this opens the backup technician assignment screen along with the list of requests in the second half of the screen. click on the leave of the technician which needs to be edited from the technician availability chart. click on the leave of the technician that needs to be cancelled from the technician availability chart. this chart helps to keep a check on the backup technicians whenever a technician applies for leave. to view the backup technician chart, click on the backup tech chart link next to the my schedule link.

vailability chart format

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vailability chart guide

it has since been updated by a team of dvc users to include all the resort booking categories. the charts take roughly a year of effort to generate. a bit of information to understand the tables. because of that, i used the color green to indicate it should be easy to book at this time of year.2) 9 – 13 days – means that of the dates in that span, 8-13 days or more than half of the days were available. this is indicated by the color yellow, and means you are likely to be able to find availability here with a bit of flexibility and maybe a partial wait list.3) 3 – 8 days – means that at least half the days are unavailable. this is indicated by the color red and it is extremely unlikely you would be able to find the availability you want in that window. the reading of the dvc availability charts are simple as shown in the chart below and described here.

if you are thinking of booking the room 7-months in advance (in february) because it is not your home resort -you look at the column labeled 7 months. this data is from seven months in advance of the date you are looking at. the charts are generated with an average of several samples to determine the number of days that a room is available, because of this, it is the most accurate prediction possible using data over the last 12 months. memorial day and labor day don’t seem to be affected in the same way. not surprisingly, there is a huge shift that occurs in late-september and continues through the end of the year. this coincides with food and wine, and except for the week before thanksgiving and maybe the week right before christmas continues through the holidays until the end of the year. the idea is to make a simple tool showing trends. (for instance, i think the vgf has become harder to get over the last year as i’ve been doing the survey, i suspect if i redid it the next 12 months i would see it booking up even earlier.)

the chart is a matrix view, indicating the availability of the support reps for a specific day. note: the technician availability chart is available only for support reps with admin privileges such as an administrator. this opens the schedule calendar displaying the tasks and events assigned to the support rep who has logged in. this opens the availability chart. an administrator can view the availability of a particular support rep. the unavailability of a support rep can be marked using the availability chart.

this is essential so that tasks/events that are assigned to that particular support rep on that day can be re-assigned to another support rep.  from the availability chart, click on the day corresponding to the support rep on leave. this opens the mark unavailability pop up window. click on the leave of the support rep that needs to be edited on the availability chart. click on the leave of the support rep that needs to be deleted from the availability chart. this opens the unavailability info pop-up window.

when you select breeds, your shopping cart will show you when all of those breeds are available to ship together. you can then select from the available shipping dates for your specific order at checkout. please note: availability chart is updated every 60 seconds and might not represent a guaranteed reserved shipping date or pick up date. the chart changes often and unavailable breeds turn available as egg numbers become more accurate. so, check the chart often for buying opportunities.   this chart is not used for what might be available for walk in-store purchases that were not booked and reserved. we will book all items on your order to hatch and ship on the same date when all breeds are available. if you would prefer multiple shipments to receive each breed as soon as possible, please place multiple orders separately.