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project managers make use of project management software to lay out and execute a work breakdown structure. now that we’ve gone through the definition of a wbs and learned why they are a great project management tool, let’s take a look at a work breakdown structure example. a deliverable-based wbs first breaks down the project into all the major areas of the project scope as control accounts and then divides those into project deliverables and work packages. a typical project work breakdown structure is made up of several key components. work breakdown structure software is used to outline a project’s final deliverable and define the phases that are necessary to achieve it.

the point of wbs software is to build a feasible schedule. the purpose of work breakdown structure software in project management is to organize and define the scope of your project. resources are anything that you need to complete the project phases, deliverables and work packages. you can upload the project work breakdown structure template into projectmanager, and it automatically creates a new project in our software. a wbs is the perfect tool to break down the scope of a project into work packages that are easier to control.

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in 2014, wbs chart pro was combined with our other former product, pert chart expert, to produce the all new wbs schedule pro software. if you are looking for wbs chart pro, the features you have become accustomed to in wbs chart pro plus much more are now a part of wbs schedule pro! for a full description, see wbs schedule pro or click the link below to try wbs schedule pro yourself. wbs schedule pro – this software contains all of the features of wbs chart pro combined with network charts and gantt charts to form a more complete project planning tool.

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combine this with a wbs dictionary for a mix of visual structure and detailed project information. outline project tasks and display them in a tree structure to easily view the breakdown of your projects, along with deadlines and wbs numbering. manage, organize, and track the many activities associated with user acceptance testing to ensure a software’s functionality with this high-level breakdown of project tasks.

it features both a tree diagram and outline, which you can edit to include the necessary phases and work packages for your project. documenting the total scope of work for a project is a key part of the project planning process, and a work breakdown structure (wbs) is a helpful tool to get you started. the process of subdividing a project into smaller components is called decomposition, and it can be completed by an entire project team as a group effort to ensure a comprehensive wbs. regardless of format, a wbs will typically include outline numbering to represent the sequential order of each level and activity.

collaborate with stakeholders as you build your work breakdown structure to ensure you’ve covered all of your project’s necessary tasks, subtasks, and budget information. import data from excel directly to your wbs diagram in lucidchart. once your diagram is complete, integrate it with jira to automate ticket creation for projects. enhance productivity while working with your team to achieve your goals. intelligent diagramming allows you to quickly visualize projects and processes from start to finish.

the lucid visual collaboration suite transforms the way you work from ideation to project completion. a wbs with measurable, clearly defined tasks can also help project management assign accurate costs and deadlines to a project, simplifying project planning and monitoring. take the deliverables you have identified and add them to the work breakdown structure at the second level, connecting back to the project name. before taking action, make sure deliverables and sub-deliverables add up to 100% of the work needed for the project to be complete. a gantt chart is a visual project management that uses bars to illustrate the timeline of the project activities. a wbs should be created before a detailed project plan, as it is a basis to estimate the resources needed and to create a cost and time schedule.

for projects, the work breakdown structure (wbs) is the tool that utilizes this technique and is one of the most important project management documents. a deliverable-based work breakdown structure clearly demonstrates the relationship between the project deliverables (i.e., products, services or results) and the scope (i.e., work to be executed). figure 2 is an example of a phase-based wbs for the same project. the level 2 elements are the unique deliverables in each phase. a wbs dictionary is created to describe the work in each element. since cost and schedule data collection, analysis and reporting are connected to the wbs, a very detailed wbs could require a significant amount of unnecessary effort to manage.

the work breakdown structure is used for many different things. but, its biggest contributions to a project are is use as a description all of the work and as a monitoring and controlling tool. the lowest levels of each leg and branch of the wbs are called work packages. in order to apply the 100% rule and capture all of the scope, planning packages are created. control accountsthe other application of the wbs is as a monitoring and controlling tool. control accounts are wbs elements at which the project plans to monitor and report performance. to assist with the monitoring and reporting, project management information tools are used to collect, analyze and report information at any element within the wbs.