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building a new tool was never our goal because who needs another tool? to our surprise, the solution was not obvious because a kanban tool is much more than a visual task board. if too much process time is spent on wasteful activities, you can expect productivity to suffer. yamazumi in japanese means “to stack up.” a yamazumi chart is a graph that shows the cycle time of each task in a process step displayed as a stacked bar graph. it’s a tool to visualize machine and operator cycle time to assess performance. a sample yamazumi chart is shown below where the x-axis shows the workstations or operators and the y-axis shows the cycle time per workstation. another variation of the yamazumi chart looks similar to the first one but this time, the x-axis shows the different process steps.

any workstation, operator, or process time that goes beyond the takt time is immediately a candidate for optimization. by having a visual tool that shows how much time is being spent where, you can easily see where time is being wasted, such as bottlenecks and delays. it’s also helpful when there is a need to rebalance the line or rearrange the process. being a visual tool, a yamazumi chart can be an effective motivator for employees to improve the process. a yamazumi chart also helps companies ensure that all their process tasks add value to their end goal. a yamazumi chart becomes a warning signal for business teams to spot and combat wastes by targeting where they occur in the process. furthermore, it can be a tool to show improvement opportunities and push business teams to find ways to do the work more efficiently. the problem was simple, our clients needed a simple tool that could infuse all the benefits of kanban.

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it is used to visually display and break down elements, cycle times, and the flow of a process into parts. these activities within a process step directly contribute to adding value to what the customer wants; they are done right the first time and transform material or information. the yamazumi chart can indicate where there are opportunities to redistribute work and create a more balanced process. following the data collection, the next step is to break down the cycle time of the activities in each step into va, nnva, and nva.

creating a yamazumi chart in microsoft excel involves several steps to properly visualize the process time for each step, along with the categorization into va, nnva, and nva activities. a yamazumi chart serves as a key visualization tool in lean six sigma to delineate and analyze the flow of a process. a: to create a yamazumi chart, you need to identify the process steps, collect data on work content and cycle time, and plot the information on a graph or spreadsheet. outside of his professional life, daniel has a keen investing, statistics and knowledge-sharing, which led him to create the website learnleansigma.com, a platform dedicated to lean six sigma and process improvement insights.

a yamazumi chart (or yamazumi board) is a stacked bar chart that shows the source of the cycle time in a given process. the chart is used to graphically represent processes for optimization purposes.  process tasks are individually represented in a stacked bar chart, these can be categorized as either value added, non-value added or waste. the mean duration time of each task is recorded and displayed within the bar chart. each process task is stacked to represent the entire process step. the yamazumi chart can be used for both process waste elimination or line balancing activity. process steps can be rearranged or deleted to optimise and balance the target process. the yamazumi board provides a mechanism to quickly rebalance a process when takt changes, and allows a visual indication of which operations are overloaded (beyond takt), and which are underutilized.

use a yamazumi chart to highlight the three broad types of process deficiencies to improve in lean: muda (waste), mura (unevenness), and muri (overburden). yamazumi is a japanese word translated as huge mound, heap, or pile. a yamazumi chart is simply a stacked bar graph. but by plotting process cycle time by process steps and listing  the tasks within a process step as value add or non-value add, it becomes a powerful tool to not only aid in balancing workload but in highlighting waste. note: one can also plot cycle time vs. operator or machine.  whether you need a quick refresher on dfss or want a little history on motorola’s six sigma program, isssp has got you covered. isssp is excited to announce a series of free webinars for 2021. register and reserve your seat today! get exclusive access to our ever-growing list of resources, including presentations, webinars, white papers, and much more.