chore spreadsheet template

if you are a parent, you will probably experiment with some type of chore chart along the way. if you are looking for ideas, download and customize this printable chore chart to help your kids know what is expected of them during the week. you may also want to try out our chore schedule template. this printable chore chart can either be used as a chore checklist and schedule for one child, or you can write the names of the children in the blanks to keep track of who is doing what chore each day. the chore chart includes a section for noting what chores are expected to be done every day. it also includes a weekly schedule section where you can make notes about important events going on during the week. the spreadsheet includes a black/white version that you can use if you want to avoid the cost of printing in color (see the second screenshot).

chore spreadsheet format

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knowing what to do for a greater sense of calm in my space and what to let go so i can focus on my goals has felt, at many times, impossible. finally, i tried the more full-proof approach of realizing where i had dropped healthy boundaries, admitting my side of the problem and asking for help. when the week starts over, it’s helpful to know where we might want to catch up or how we might want to adapt our schedules for a better flow of work, fun and responsibility. i’m going to rock your world with something i learned after 11 years of marriage and a boatload of counseling – different people load the dishwasher differently.

i am no longer the chore police, but instead a humble and equal contributor to the well-being of our home. i too find it challenging to be in the home all day and see all the dust bunnies. i wonder if it’s possible to allow for an editable download of the chart so that families with 4+ members can modify. once it’s in your files or google sheets, you should be able to download it to excel or select “make a copy” in google sheets to move it out of read only and start adding your unique tasks, family members etc.

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