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discover a valuable resource for creating professional-looking speedometer and dashboard charts that will elevate your business presentations to the next level. the gauge chart is a simple yet effective tool for representing qualitative performance. to begin creating our gauge chart, we first need to establish the base framework. our goal is to create a semicircular dial, which we can achieve by using the ‘pie’ tool under ‘basic shapes’ in the auto shapes menu. adjust the yellow handles to ensure the semicircle is flawless and serves as a solid foundation for the speedometer. this time, adjust the yellow handles to create smaller segments of the pie. keep the outline color white to create a clean and professional look.

drag the shape to resemble a needle and rotate it to the desired angle. fill the needle with black color and place a circle on top of it to hide the bottom edge of the needle. to complete your gauge chart, add relevant text to mark the qualitative parameters. by following these steps, you can create a professional and visually appealing gauge chart that effectively communicates your data. to customize the chart, simply right-click on it and select ‘edit data’. this will open up a worksheet where you can modify the values in the yellow cells. in addition to the speedometer dial, our visual powerpoint graphs pack offers a variety of other interesting variations of powerpoint gauge charts like this…

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download 100% editable meter charts and gauges for powerpoint presentations. you can find helpful dashboard elements, infographics, and slide templates for microsoft powerpoint, including editable thermometers and gauges to make compelling powerpoint presentations that impress your boss. you can incorporate our editable thermometers, meter charts and gauges to make compelling presentations that are sure to impress your audience. meter charts and gauges provide a visually compelling method to present data for a variety of presentations like fundraising, financial dashboards and more.

gauges in powerpoint have a broad range of applications across various fields. businesses can use them to visually track and present performance metrics such as sales targets, profit margins, employee productivity, fundraising goals and more. they provide a dynamic way to showcase fundraising goals and the amount of funds already raised, making the progress instantly clear. gauges can also be used in project management to depict the progress of different phases of a project, or in customer service to represent satisfaction scores, like in the case of nps presentations.

if we want to draw our own gauges in powerpoint for example a donut gauge, we can do that using shapes and applying a few transformations. usually the gauge goes from a min value to a max value and you can change the direction of the needle to the desired amount. editable gauges can be a visually appealing way to display data in presentations. in the world of industrial machinery, gauges monitor parameters like pressure, temperature, and flow rates. you can learn how to make a thermometer in powerpoint here.

in the business world, various metrics and kpis are often represented as gauges to assess performance. so, gauges provide a clear, visual representation of a condition or situation, and as metaphors, they offer familiar imagery to communicate complex ideas. these editable gauges for powerpoint are also compatible with google slides, and you can easily customize the gauge levels to match your presentation requirements. as an example, you can rely on the editable gauge template by slidemodel with adjustable needle and dial gauge in powerpoint. once you subscribed to the service, using the free presentermedia add-in is a simple way to add gauges and other animated templates to your presentations.

this simple tool used to demonstrate the graphical indication of rise and fall in the speed of the vehicle is a lifesaver! moreover, the digital speedometer gives real-time information of your organization’s sales and production figures in a creative manner. you need to put double the number of entries in the excel chart. if you are using a colored background, then fill the lower half levels with the same color to make them merge into the background. this professional speedometer dashboard tutorial will now help you convey the right message to your audience aesthetically and easily. it is also a great tool to present sales and production figures attractively.

this template can also be used to report the status of a task based on different parameters. therefore, it is a complete package with a host of editable features and visuals to make your presentation designing process a breeze! having great visuals and graphics, this template gives a communicative advantage to the presenter. not only this, but it is also a great tool for data visualization because of its great design and aesthetics. everything in this design is fully editable, giving you the freedom to adapt it to your presentation design. with the rise in the use of infographics to present various social insights, this is a great template to communicate important facts and figures.