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(more on the parts of a product roadmap in the next section.) they provide every team with one source describing the action plan for the evolution of a product and communicate each team’s role within that plan. a user story is a development task designed to accomplish a specific goal in the product. because you have a clear theme outlined in the roadmap, it’s easier to say no and justify your decision to stakeholders.

a well-structured roadmap is essential in ensuring everyone understands the strategy and their roles within the framework. this consolidates information: rather than navigating a disparate collection of documents and files, stakeholders can simply look at the product roadmap. before sharing a product roadmap with stakeholders, consider their role in the development of the product. the foundation of a successful project is a well-laid plan. learn how to create a product roadmap and improve your team’s communication today.

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we’ve developed each template in two versions for easy use with your usual ms office tools: a roadmap template for excel, where you can use standard excel features like shapes and colors to build your roadmap manually; a roadmap template for powerpoint, where you can use the free 14 days trial of the office timeline add-in to create your roadmap automatically or move the shapes by hand if you don’t have office timeline yet. choose between excel and powerpoint (with the office timeline free trial) to create a project roadmap that would impress your stakeholders. here’s an example of an it roadmap template that you can download and change the deliverables to make it work for you.

as more companies embrace the lean and agile environment, creating an agile roadmap for your project or product can help you align your daily work to your long-term strategy, while remaining flexible enough to rapidly respond to any market changes. you can use roadmap templates as guidance and inspiration to create a roadmap that matches your business’ needs, or as a starting point for a highly customized roadmap. focus only on the key elements to include in a roadmap template, so that you can keep them unchanged if you need to update the content for your next presentation and make adjustments only to the details and secondary items.

a simple visual like a roadmap provides a clear overview of your strategic tasks and milestones and helps you define a long-term plan for reaching your goals. to briefly recap, no matter the type of initiative it illustrates, a roadmap needs to tie together your strategy (the “why”), the actions that you need to take to achieve your goals (the “what”), and a timeline for completion (the “when”). choose your roadmap view – decide the level of detail and manner in which you want to illustrate all of the above over a specific time frame. does the roadmap app make it easy for you to create and update your project visual?

each project is different, so is it a good idea to use the same colors and shapes for all of them? so, choose a software that makes roadmaps that have the right blend of professionalism and beauty to help you stand out and impress your clients or managers. to this end, choose an interactive dedicated tool that will allow you to: a roadmap is the high-level, visual representation of the lifecycle of a business initiative, complete with the end goal, steps to take and milestones to reach along the way. starting off with a specialized roadmap maker application like office timeline can save you hours of work, allowing you to focus on the project specifics rather than graphic design.

use your roadmap as a way to tell the story of how you see your product growing over a period of time. product canvases are a concise yet content-rich tool that conveys what your product is and how it is strategically positioned. use this roadmap to strategize, think about what you want to build, and focus on a concrete plan for the upcoming quarter. product roadmaps help communicate the vision and progress of what’s coming next for your product.

seamless communication and clarity, reducing the likelihood of missteps and fostering a smooth transition from idea conception to product launch. a technology roadmap helps teams document the rationale of when, why, how, and what tech-related solutions can help the company move forward. use this devops roadmap template to get a granular view of the product development process and how it fits into your organization’s product strategy. your product development roadmap is also a team alignment tool that offers guidance and leadership to help your team focus on balancing product innovation and meeting your customer’s needs.