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a comparison chart is a graphical representation of different informational values associated with the same categories, making it easy to compare values. under series name: select b1 as an input (since b1 contains the name for sales value 2018. step 6: under the series values: section, delete “={1},” which is a default value for a series, and then select the range of cells that contain the sales values for 2018 associated with different countries. use c1 as a reference for the series name and c2:c7 for series values. a sales comparison chart in excel typically displays data in a column or line chart format, with different periods along the horizontal axis and sales figures along the vertical axis.

in this example, a sales comparison chart displays the sales figures of macbook and iphone products by three different sales executives in a firm. a product comparison chart in excel displays the features and specifications of different products in a table or matrix format. a column chart is a type of chart used to display data in columns, where the height of each column represents the value of the data shown. in this example, each slice of the pie represents a different location, and the size of each portion corresponds to the percentage of total sales made by that area. in this example, the scatter chart represents the relationship between led lamp sales by different locations in 2022 and the number of sales made by each area.

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let’s dive into the world of sales comparison templates and unlock the power of insightful data analysis! stepping into the realm of transformative possibilities, the before and after sales comparison unveils a captivating narrative of progress and triumph. esach column becomes a testament to the ebb and flow of sales performance, painting a vivid picture of the journey taken throughout the year.

the year-over-year sales comparison encapsulates the essence of progress and evolution within a business landscape. embrace the power of data analysis and leverage these sales comparison templates to propel your business toward success and achieve sustainable profitability. the sales comparison grid, also known as the sales grid or the comparative market analysis grid, is a tabular representation of key factors used to compare and evaluate properties in a real estate market.

note that the mix of visuals in this example, allows you to present your sales trend analysis over time together with standard numbers. this granular graph, created with a modern dashboard creator, shows you several kpis related to sales revenue, including the number of new customers you’ve signed up for so far, your total revenue to date this year, and how your month-by-month projections have been tracked with your actual revenue. with that being said, this sales chart template will allow you to see the trends in your cac over time. by tracking this in conjunction with the open pipeline value, you will gain a clear understanding of how well each service, package, or product is performing and attribute it to appropriate phases of your pipeline. yes, no sales team is perfect, and you can always get better at any of these areas, but this graph will help you to identify the “low-hanging fruit” where you can invest a little bit of effort to get a large roi. this is a really fun interactive sales graph, as it lets you see your revenue and sales according to the different time periods that you select. this is a performance dashboard that will make your sales team more efficient, more adaptable, and better equipped to close in on opportunities across the board.

with a host of interactive sales graph templates, this dashboard is a shining example of how to present sales data for your business. if you’re looking for an example of how to make a graph that shows sales trend analysis, this sales report graph is worth examining. our next template is dedicated to a b2c business selling products globally and in need to get a visual overview of the performance of various areas of their sales processes. if these examples were not enough to put the power of sales graphs and charts into perspective, next we will present you with a few best practices to be successful using them, followed by the benefits your business can gain from taking advantage of sales data visualizations. this is a common practice used in politics and the media to try and manipulate the public. the highly interactive and wholly visual nature of a digital revenue chart means that you can easily see any dips in departmental or individual performance in specific areas of your sales initiatives. this will lead employees to perform better as individuals while collaborating effectively as a sales team, accelerating the growth of your business in the process. use these sales graphs and charts as inspiration for your own sales dashboards so that you can have at a glance actionable insights available to you at all times.