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the goal of this type of template is to help you visualize the best option from a stack of options. if you’re on a product, sales, or marketing team, you can use it to show why your product is better than the competition. ???? now that you know what you’re looking for in a comparison chart, it’s time to consider the options and pick a template that works for you. this product marketing template will give your team a clear visual of what needs to be done, and once it’s done, it will give your customers a clear visual of why they need to buy your new product.

or you can use it to choose the best software solutions for your team. ???? this is a great template to download for product teams that make freemium and subscription-based software. you can use this template to compare the features of different products, or you can customize it to compare different pricing plans on the same product. plus, you can include as many product columns as you want, so this is a great template for comparing your options in a crowded field. you can outline your product’s key features and compare them to your competitors’ with simple xs or checkmarks, or you can use a scatter plot to show how the quality of your product compares to the rest of the market.

product comparison chart format

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product comparison chart guide

a comparison infographic is a visual representation that uses charts, graphs, or other design elements to showcase the similarities and differences between two or more subjects, products or concepts. a similar and different chart like this can be useful to highlight the superiority of a product you’re selling, or to help people pick the best product for their needs. ), you can use these two pricing comparison charts: another way of using icons is to contrast them against a solid color so that they are the main focus of your comparison infographic: remember this classic piece of advice: make a list infographic of the pros and cons. in cases where you want to encourage your audience to make a decision, highlighting the “right” choice in green will indicate that they should go for that choice. arrange the text and visuals on your infographic to reflect the theme of your information.

you can also use a contrasting color to help them really pop out from the page. one infographic design hack is to use a photo as the background for your infographic. you can see below that each bubble separates different ideas to explain a concept, and is also visually appealing. here’s another great infographic example of how icons can be used to visualize concepts: here’s another simple hack for a bold design: split your infographic down the middle and invert the color scheme on either side. you can use a venn diagram, for example, to visualize the similarities and differences between two or more items. simply sign up for a free account and test out our drag-and-drop editor with a free comparison infographic template.

visualizing different routes and consequences is a great way for managers to gain clarity on the best steps to take. comparison charts are useful in just about any situation that requires you to make a decision. the point of a comparison chart is to compare different options and decisions. brainstorming is a great exercise to gather different ideas and identify the finer details of your options.

if you are applying for jobs and have different job offers on the table, a comparison chart is a great way to compare and contrast the opportunities. this tool will help you create a chart that’s effective and easy to interpret right from the get-go. a t-chart, like a comparison chart, is a visual tool that allows you to input information, ideas, and more to help you decide between two different options. imagine a situation where you have a room of potential shareholders and want to compare the current stockholders’ percentages in the company. or, if needed, you can use another comparison chart to help you make informed decisions on the next actions to take.